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North Hatley SPA

Feel re-juvenated and re-energized during your next stay in North Hatley. Enjoy our complimentary SPA services.

Relaxation Area

Spa - Relaxation AreaOur cozy indoor relaxation area provides the perfect sanctuary to escape and relax. Build in a wooden cabin with big windows, our SPA facility will enable you to read a book on a long chair, listen to music and relax in a serene atmosphere surrounded by nature outside and beautiful plants and flowers inside.


Spa - MassotherapyDid you know that we also offer massages in our SPA Facilities? Our massages are done by North Hatley’s certified massage therapists. The massage receipts are also available for insurance purposes. If you wish to book a massage either during your stay with us or if you are simply passing by, please let us know in advance in order for us to arrange the time with the massage therapist.

Price: 85$ taxes included for 1 hour. Receipts for insurance purposes are available.

Cancellation policy: if the massage is cancelled less than 48h behore the start of the massage, the cost of the massage will still be charged.

Dry Sauna

Spa - Dry SaunaDid you know that we offer a complimentary access to our dry sauna in our SPA facilities. According to health care professionals*, spending quality time in a dry sauna can help in:

  • Reducing stress and enhancing your immune system
  • Facilitating lymphatic drainage, which in turn detoxifies the body and improves the condition of your skin
  • Increasing your energy levels and improving your overall sense of wellbeing
  • Improving retention of information and overall concentration

So if you’re planning a relaxing weekend this fall, consider spending some time in the sauna. Get the rest you need, eat some delicious and nutritious meals, and be sure to sweat out the negative emotions and accumulated toxins.

* Like with all treatments however, we nevertheless recommend that you consult your health specialist to ensure that your body can tolerate the heat level set in the sauna.

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