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Gourmet Discoveries In Magog

Gourmet discoveries in Magog

Magog is known for its small shops that delight fashionistas and collectors. The city of Magog is a true gastronomic gem that is sure to please the taste buds of home-made cuisine enthusiasts, with its wide selection of local ingredients from fair trade and organic farming.

Where to eat in Magog

Discover numerous interesting and delicious places to eat in Magog.

Mam’zelle Pub

To get the day off to a great start, why not leave aside restaurant chains like Cora and Allô! Mon Coco to try a more creative option than the perpetual bacon-and-eggs? If you are the kind of person who gets tempted by a refined selection that doesn’t cost a fortune, then don’t hesitate: go to Mam’zelle Pub. In this French bistro, presentation is impeccable and a full-course meal, including a soup, a sandwich served with French fries, a dessert and tea or coffee, will only cost you around twelve dollars.

Offering some variations on American dishes, such as the lamb hamburger, and a selection of dishes that could be found on a typical French menu, such as the goat cheese salad, this beautiful place located near Mont Orford and the Marais-de-la-Rivière-aux-Cerises is also a heaven of peace on rainy days, where you could play board games and admire the canal while waiting for the weather to allow you to resume your outdoor activities.

For special occasions

If you are willing to slightly increase the price range, because you are in the region to celebrate a wedding anniversary or any kind of special event, there are two or three more sophisticated culinary stops that will surely please you.

Still on the theme of French cuisine, the bistros Chez Sirano – « 100% sympa », Comme chez soi and l’Auberge aux 4 Saisons d’Orford offer a wide variety of options for lunch, from simple mussels and French fries or pan-fried scallops and shrimps, to the « layered tomatoes and bocconcini with basil cream », in a friendly atmosphere, designed to please the whole family. Consumers who have visited these locations praise both the service and the value for money alike, which is very significant, because the memories we keep of a pleasant meal are always at risk to be ruined by the discovery of a bill that we don’t think is in proportion with our personal satisfaction.

Restaurant Pinocchio

For a romantic dinner in an elegant atmosphere, it may be better to consider the restaurant Pinocchio – which combines, despite its Italian name, a French menu and Canadian choices, in a large stone house reminiscent of the English countryside manors from the turn of the century. If you are a meat lover, the duck breast topped with a passion fruit sauce is always a delight, and the French gastronomy enthusiasts will recognize in this dish a great classic of French cuisine. Alternatively, besides the beef tartare and the filet mignon drizzled with sherry sauce and smoked bacon, the grilled AAA top sirloin served with its famous pepper sauce is one of the most popular choices at Pinocchio’s.

On the fish side, if you are lucky, the Chef’s selection will be lobster with Thermidor sauce; otherwise, there is always the black cod topped with fennel and Ricard or the vacuum cooked Nova-Scotia salmon drizzled with a raspberry sauce. Sea food lovers can also choose the 42$ plate, which combines no fewer than four different items: snow crabs, England shrimps as well as fresh mussels and scallops, all served with a fresh herbs mayonnaise and slices of lemon. What a delight!

As for desserts, the menu is always changing: you may have the surprise to discover a long dark chocolate bar garnished with fresh raspberries or a chocolate lava cake accompanied with a pineapple carpaccio, depending on the Chef’s inspiration.

To keep in mind: This place offers a very interesting special on Thursday nights, allowing you to order an appetizer, a main dish and a dessert for only 22$. Or, if it’s the fine wines that attract you to this restaurant, it would be better to come on « cellar Friday », which offers a 50% discount on all bottles.

Exotic flavours

This should not be taken to mean that Magog’s gastronomy is only about French and Canadian cuisine. These restaurants are the most popular recommendations, but the region also offers a wide variety of world cuisine selections. It allows you to travel sometimes to the Caribbean, if you let yourself be tempted by Douceur Antillaise, with its cod accras and its « curry fried parrot » (it’s up to you to discover if it’s truly about the pet that is sold for 600 to 700$ in pet shops… or instead, if it’s only an exotic name meaning chicken from the farm), sometimes to Mexico, if you would prefer to stop at Guacamole y Tequila, for a degustation of its eponymous specialities. For Italian cuisine aficionados, the restaurant Chez Benito as well as the pizzeria Four à bois d’Orford are addresses worth remembering.

Microbrewery La Memphré

To bring the evening to a wonderful close, the microbrewery La Memphré is among the most appreciated locations in Magog. Its customers like to recommend local beers: the « Ruisseau rouge » during summer, the «Orford special bitter » during winter and for all times, the famous « Hatley », a 6% American Pale Ale which name may owe its origin to the fact that the oldest Quebec microbrewery is in North Hatley, and which is also named after a very famous area of Czech Republic: Pilsen.

We invite you to come discover many small gems in the Eastern Townships. The village of North Hatley is located only 15 minutes from Magog. If you have any questions about the region or if you are looking for activities to do near North Hatley, we invite you to contact us today. We will be happy to answer your questions and accommodate you at our B&B in North Hatley.

Your hosts,
Iryna & Mykola

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